Next generation data center facility located near Amsterdam, within the commercial area 'Waarderpolder' of the city of Haarlem.


EvoSwitch is a low-energy data center. Working together with TNO we have taken various energy-saving measures. Particularly in the area of cooling. This reduces energy consumption by as much as 20 per cent.


Normally, a server room is cooled with a compressor. Day in, day out. In the summer and winter. Not at EvoSwitch. We have had Free Cooling installed in the data center. A low-energy cooling concept that cleverly uses cold air from the outside. The temperature in the Netherlands is favourable for six months of the year. This means that for forty per cent of the time for the most part the compressor is not needed. And that makes a difference to energy consumption.


EvoSwitch uses the innovative Cold Corridor Concept. This is a very specific method for cooling servers. With Cold Corridor, cold air is supplied efficiently to the front of the servers, while warm air at the back is discharged efficiently. The system prevents a Ôshort circuitÔ between the cold and the warm air and so is much more economical in terms of energy consumption. An additional benefit is that you can guarantee that the cooling will be effective at rack level. The temperature is more constant over the whole of the height of the rack than with traditional cooling. As a result, the performance of the equipment is much better.


The current used by the servers is through a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This is a power supply that conditions the current and takes up any power failure in the fixed network. The EvoSwitch UPS uses Delta Conversion. A low-energy method from the UPS provider APC. In the EvoSwitch data center the use of the UPS delivers an energy-saving of about 5 per cent in the energy used by the equipment.




    * Total size of facility: 9.285m2

    * Equipment floor space (present): 2.000m2

    * Equipment floor space (expansion): >5.000m2

    * Office space: 1.000m2

    * Storage space: 1.500m2

    * Roof space: 6.500m2

    * Parking space (secure): 3.000m2

    * Minimum floor to ceiling clearance: 2900mm

    * Maximum floor load: 1500kg/m2

    * Maximum roof load: 500kg/m2

    * Minimum raised floor void: 640mm


Power and air conditioning

    * Power supply: 10 MVA via ring (upgradable to 20 MVA)

    * Transformers: 4 x 2500 KVA

    * Power distribution: 230V AC (N+1), distributed via dual independent 16Amp  circuits to rack level.

    * Power: Supports currents up to 32A per rack. High Density solutions possible on request.

    * UPS system (present): 2x 1600 KVA static UPS

    * UPS system (expansion): 4 x 1600 KVA static UPS, 4 x 800 KVA static UPS.

    * Diesel Gensets (present): 2 x 1400 KVA diesel gensets.

    * Diesel Gensets (expansion): 10 x 1400 KVA diesel gensets.

    * Supply for generators: 48 hours diesel stored on site. Contract to deliver additional diesel fuel within 8 hours.


Environment Control

    * Air conditioning: Uniflair ACU's for data rooms. Free cooling concept.

    * Capacity: Average 1.2KW / m2. Maximum 4KW / m2. High Density solutions possible on request.

    * Chilled water generation: N+2 ACU's in datarooms, N+2 pumps, N+1 chilled water loops.

    * Heat disposal: GŸnter dry chillers on roof (N+1 redundant).

    * Temperature: 21¡C (±4¡C)

    * Relative Humidity: 50% (±15%)

    * Racks: Cold corridor  concept

    * High density: Up to 35 kW per rack possible on request. Customized solutions.


Fire Protection

    * Fire detection system: VESDA System (very early smoke detection and activation system).

    * Fire suppression system: Argonite gas automatic fire suppression system in the equipment rooms.

    * Fire-resistant walls

    * Optical airstream- and heat detectors

    * Portable fire extinguishers & water hoses


Building Management Systems

    * Building monitoring: Central computerized monitoring systems.

    * Alarm management: All alarms monitored 24 x 7 x 365



    * Security systems:

          o CCTV cameras (inside and outside)

          o Zoned access control key card systems with man-traps. Outer doors are alarmed.

          o Visitors are escorted within the building.

          o Intrusion detection systems.

          o Access list

    * 24 x 7 x 365 services:

          o Guards on-site

          o Monitoring

    * Physical barriers:

          o Perimeter fencing

          o Shielded guard lodge

          o ground floor 1+ meter above terrain (as well as all access doors).



    * External routing: Diverse routing via ducts entering the building from 3 different sites. Cables are routed securely to the ODF in the MMR.

    * Internal routing: All cabling is anonymous and controlled by EvoSwitch. Cable infrastructure is maintained in an up-to-date database.

    * Fibers (some in vicinity): BT, Colt, Casema, Enertel, Eurofiber, FiberRing, Global Crossing, KPN, MCI/Verizon, Priority, Tele2/Versatel, UPC.

    * Carriers: Abovenet, Colt, FiberRing, Global Crosing, Interroute, KPN, MCI/Verizon, Relined, Tele2/Versatel, Teleglobe/VSNL, TeliaSonera.

    * IXP's: NL-IX, AMS-IX (via Metro)



    * Standard:

          o Rack installation

          o 24 x 7 x 365 on-site engineering

          o Remote hands

    * Advanced:

          o Router / switch configuration

          o Server OS installation & troubleshooting

          o SAN installation & troubleshooting

          o Database installation & troubleshooting


Environmental concerns

    * Energy:  All energy used is 'green' energy. Only renewable energy sources have been used to generate this energy.

    * Cooling: Cooling is based on freecooling concept and thus saves 30% annually in cooling energy.

    * Waste: All waste is being seperated on site.

    * Energy saving measures: Free cooling ACU's, Solar panels, reuse heat dissipation from equipment floor (office / storage / preheat gensets).